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Used Diesel Generators

Used Diesel Generators are a practical and solid means of providing standby power for either your home, office, job site or wherever you have the need for a good solid back up system.

used diesel generatorsDiesel standby generators are more expensive than gasoline fuelled generators. However, they are superior to gasoline in many ways hence the increase in cost. Used diesel generators are a way to overcome the initial cost barrier.

They are more affordable and are sold countrywide by reputable dealers and suppliers. If you are looking at a long-term solution then you should check out used diesel generators.


Used Diesel Generators Versus Gas

From tests and studies performed, gas generators are by their nature developed for intermittent use only. Using a gas generator on a prolonged basis is not a good idea, as they were never meant to provide power for long periods.

The most efficient and easily maintained generators for home use produced are diesel generators. And the same applies to used diesel generators.

A diesel standby generator does may not have all the shiny new look and gadgets of the cheaper gas generators, but not having an ignition system, spark plugs, or a carburettor means that these things cannot go wrong and do not need to be replaced or maintained.

Used Diesel Generators Are Cheaper To Run

A used diesel generator will also consume far less fuel than its equivalent gas model, and of course diesel generators emissions have far less toxins and poisons in them than the gas counterpart. The fact that the diesel generator’s fuel consumption is so economical, means that while the initial expenditure is higher this will pay for itself over time.

Their simple design means that very little can go wrong and need replacement. These diesel standby generators have proven to run for years and years with just minimum maintenance.

Maintaining used diesel generators is really just about making sure you change the oil on a regular basis and cleaning the engine of the usual oil that builds up around it. You must make sure you only use oil that is specially rated for diesel engines, this is available everywhere and you can get it at a good price if you buy it in bulk.

Using Your Residential Used Diesel Generators

  • Try not to use it and start it up if you are only going to be running it for a few minutes, not allowing it to get up to a good operational temperature. This is not good for it. No engines like quick short increases and decreases in temperature and diesel engines are no exception.
  • After you have run your engine and it has got up to temperature, do not shut it down right away, let it run gently on a lower load setting for a couple of minutes to allow it to cool down slowly and easily.
    Always use the recommended oil, never try and reduce costs by going for a cheaper version, this will punish you in the long run by destroying your diesel standby generator.
  • Make sure that your fuel is suitable for your climate. For example if you live in an area where temperatures drop considerably in winter months, make sure you have winter grade fuel to use.
  • It is worth investing in a large fuel tank if you do not have one, buying fuel in bulk will dramatically reduce the running cost, making used diesel generators even more cost efficient to run.

Benefits Of Used Diesel Generators

  • Used diesel generators are cheaper to buy than new diesel generators. A new diesel generator, while it may be cost effective to run in the long term, is a bigger capital outlay in the shorter term.  Buying an approved used diesel generator with a guarantee makes good financial sense.
  • These generators go and go.  They are mostly designed as commercial grade machines and as such they can take a punch or two.  In essence they are built like tanks and very little goes wrong with them.
  • In the event that your generator does have problems, there is a very wide support network available.
  • Diesel is one of the most widely available fuels globally so you should never has problems with availability.
  • Used diesel generators hold their value so in the event that you need to sell it for whatever reason, provided that you have maintained it well you should not lose as much as selling on a non diesel used generator.

When it comes to second hand, with used diesel generators you are not looking at second class.

Used Diesel Generators For Sale

Let’s face it. In this economy who can really afford to purchase a brand new anything. No, I’m not talking about charging it on your credit card because that product isn’t yours until your debt is paid off. Everyone should have a diesel generator for their house but not everyone can afford one. Perhaps the best option is to look into used diesel  generators for sale. This is simply the perfect solution.

Diesel generators are built far better with fewer breakable parts compared to a regular gasoline generator. They are also cheaper to use because of the amount of power diesel generates compared to gasoline. I will briefly walk you through the reasons to own used diesel home generators.

  • First of all, I would suggest buying a good used brand name diesel generator. It is definitely a mistake to buy a used  generator, when you do not know where it has come from or who the previous ownders were.  Most people who do this, end up regretting their purchasing decision. Quality brand names will include Cummins, Briggs and Stratton, Onan, Caterpillar and Kohler. These brands are considered to be the best of the best for home diesel generators due to their durability and reliability.
  • You will also want to make sure that the company you are purchasing your generator from is very reputable and has little problems with its customers.
  • You will now want to make sure that the diesel generators that you have your eye on, have not been running to long. You can easily check this by looking at the odometer. Also, common sense will tell you to look at the condition of the outer parts of the actual generator. Make sure all of the wires are in pristine condition.
  • Another important step is to find out the age of the used diesel generator. If it is more than five years old, I would pass and move onto a younger generator. If you follow the simple steps that I have laid out before you, you will have no problem picking out the best of the used diesel generators  for sale on the market.